Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plus One (Button)

I found this dress recently and to be honest I didn't hate it as-is, but I knew it could be even better. It had great material and a good basic shape already. 
The main thing that I didn't like was the collar and neckline. This dress happened to have a spare button sewn onto the tag (YES!), so I decided to take off the collar and add a button at the top which created a jewel neckline. Then I changed the sleeves to cap sleeve, removed some weird sewn on ties (a bit hard to see in photos), tailored the bodice, and brought up the hemline.

Here she is:

Might be wearing this one everyday. 

Side by side:


  1. Wow, how beautiful you look in that outfit. Simply amazing and the best thing about this outfit is that you are carrying it in such a great and fabulous manner.