Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Striped Nightmare to Daydream

I started with this dress/nightgown? ↴

It had long, baggy sleeves with a tight white cuff at the end, a shapeless body, and an awkward length.  

The first thing I did was cut off the sleeves. I decided to keep them as short sleeves because I loved the tiny pleats and shape of the shoulder.  Then I cut the bottom hem off just about to the knee (before hemming).  I serged and hemmed the sleeves and bottom edge.  To end, I used the excess material from the bottom to make a matching belt for the waist.

Here is the result! ↴

Before & After ↴

What do you think? Is it wearable now?


  1. Hi!
    UAU, what an improvement! It's way better now!!!
    kisses from Portugal!

  2. Such a great make over, it looks really cute now!