Thursday, November 12, 2015

90s Floral Dress Update

Here's the original 90's floral dress. Pretty fabric and buttons, but just not flattering in any way. 
My face says it all.

1. Trimmed sleeves a bit and used this method to hem them up.
2. Brought up the length using the same method.

I left the rest of the dress as it was and it's amazing how much different/better it looks.


 Side by side


  1. Hi!
    What????? No comments???????
    I am IN LOVE with the fabric of this dress!!! Great refashion!
    Kisses from Portugal!

  2. beautiful refashion! i love all of your work. outside of that, would love to know where you buy your shoes, the cross-strap flats & beautiful lace-up boots here are gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful dress. I am a fan of flower dresses. Being a fashion designer, I love to create flower dresses and skirts for myself too.

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