Monday, December 7, 2015

Oversized Red Plaid Dress Refashion

This is the original dress I found.  It was ill-fitting everywhere, had a dropped waist, faux pockets, and baggy long sleeves. Can it be saved?!........ Of course it can.

Here's what I did:

1. Cut the sleeves and hemmed them to the shoulder.
2. Cut the bodice away from the skirt (yes, it IS nerve racking to cut a dress in half)
and tapered both to be smaller.
3. Reattached the skirt to the bodice at the natural waist.
4. Made a matching belt with the excess fabric from the sleeves. :)



Side by side


  1. Hi!
    OMG!!!!! This one turned out so beautiful!!!!
    Kisses from Portugal!

  2. When you say you "tapered" the top did you add darts? also is there a zipper in the back you attached the belt to? Very cute! Love those shoes, you have an amazing shoe collection.