Monday, May 30, 2016

Mini Series Part 1

This is my adorable niece Ivy. She was my model for this refashion! I think she was pretty skeptical when she tried on the original (can't blame her), but she's pretty happy with the finished result!

Here's the original 

What I did:

1. Cut the sleeves off and hemmed them to the edge using this method.
2. Took off about 18 inches from the bottom and hemmed it.
3. Tapered in both of the sides to fit.
4. Added some triangle panels on each side of the skirt to give it more of a fit and flare shape (sorry I didn't get a great photo of them!).
5. Unstitched the pocket and moved it higher up.
6. Added a button and buttonhole at the very top of the neck.
7. Changed the buttons (to heart buttons!).
8. Made a little belt out of the excess fabric.

New dress! 

Side by side:

More refashions on my instagram here!


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