Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mini Series Part 2

This is my other adorable niece, Phoebe. This little lady was nice enough to let me refashion a dress just for her. I think she was kind of nervous/confused when she put the first dress on too, but she was a good sport!


What I did:

1. Cut the dress to her length (about 20 inches off), zig-zagged the edges and hemmed it.
2. Tapered in the bodice area to fit. 
3. Moved up the pockets. Unstitched and restitched into place.
4. Made a little belt out of the excess fabric.


Side by side

This dress is great because it can be worn as a looser shift dress or with a little belt to be little more girly.

More refashions and vintage on my instagram here!


  1. aAmazing metamorphosis. Now this dress look nicely

  2. Such a beautiful girl . Her smile is enchanting. You are lucky to have such great young models.