Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Paisley Pleated 80's Dress Makeover

This is the original dress:

Baggy short sleeves to the elbow, baggy bodice area, shoulder pads, and an awkward mid-length skirt. Ok but the collar is amazing, right?!


What I did:
1. Cut and hemmed the sleeves to a sleeveless/cap sleeve (using this technique)
2. Cut and hemmed the skirt to just above the knee.
3. Tapered in the bodice for a better fit around the torso.
4. Removed the belt and added a thinner, sleeker one.

Here's the new dress:

Side by side:

This is definitely one of my very favorite refashions of all time! <3 


  1. I really really like all your refashions and would Like to do some myself. Where do you find all the original dresses??

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